Monday, June 25, 2012

Got (Whole) Milk?

Ok, I didn't have time to run to Earth Fare like I wanted to, to pick up some low-pasteurized whole milk, so I went on a quick trip to Kroger.

All of the "healthy" and organic brands of milk were ultra-pasteurized, I might as well keep giving Nugget formula then that denatured stuff.

Anyway I picked up a store-brand gallon of what I thought was plain whole milk.


Ingredients: whole milk, skim milk, vitamin D

Why not just add water?!?!?

$ 2.99 ($.01 cheaper then skim, go figure.)

Reading labels:
Priceless. But in my defence I was in a rush to get home because DH had to go to work and Nugget was home napping.

Anyone else buy something they thought was good at the store and realized at home it wasn't?

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