Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Nugget Eats

The other day talking to my mom, she asked if I would post menus of what I've been making. So I thought what the easiest way to do this? And I thought I'll just keep a list of what we've been eating and then just separate junk (yes we're not perfect yet) and give you ideas for meals. :)

Here is what Nugget typically eats:
B: yogurt, fruit, 1/2 serving soaked or sourdough bread product (soaked pancakes, sourdough pancakes, soaked bread - you get the idea) (some days eggs - though she wont eat them without ketchup, crazy kid)

L: milk (its formula as I write this but I am getting low- pasteurized whole milk today), leftovers, or a peanut butter or a cheese sandwich (but sometimes she doesn't want to even eat lunch), 100% veggie jar baby food

D: milk, and what ever we eat - ex. we had pizza yesterday (buttermilk bread slices, pasta sauce, pepperoni, and cheese) and I just cut it up - another time we had Honey Mustard Chicken with potatoes and spinach and after a chop she ate it up. 

I know I could do so much better! I would really like to give her a variety of grains, more veggies, more pro- and pre- biotic foods and purer fats, dairy and meats.

But, I can see it is so much better then just a few weeks ago:

B: baby oat cereal (it had soy ingredients), a jar of applesauce

L: same as B but with a jar of a veggie 

D: same above, maybe some of the meat we were eating.

Yes it does take more time to cook like this (but I think I'll get faster as I learn) but it is worth the benefit to my family and myself! I've noticed as I've been preparing my bread products in a way to lower the phytic acid (through soaking, souring and one day I'll try sprouting!) and adding more fat in my diet I've stop losing my hair! My energy levels are so much higher, and I can do so much more (I do think however I need to spend less time on my computer. Even researching this new way to live online and writing this blog is taking time and energy I could be applying to my life!)

I hope this helps you see that just a few changes (and even those were added gradually) can make a profound impact.

(As of today I've decided that I will only post on this blog once a week to give me more time to live!)     

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