Monday, June 25, 2012

Small Shopping Trip

This trip was just to pick up some few things to tide me over until my next big shop. (I usually shop for 2 weeks worth of food for 2 1/2 people.)

This was from Kroger, a local store, and I saved $.40 ($.20 for each dairy product) using my loyalty card! :)

Total: $15.07 - $13.95 before tax

$4.09  -  1/2 gal Buttermilk - I've been making a soaked bread recipe every other day using this.

$2.99  -  1 gal Whole milk

$2.00  -  2 Hass Avocados - I mash this up with a little lemon juice and EVOO for a spread for Nugget's toast
$4.87  -  1lb. Ground beef - just regular, not enough planning, and I needed something for dinner

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