Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Got the Ball Rolling

What got me searching for healthy recipes and making sourdough and wholesome homemade traditional foods?

One word: Poop.

Yes poo. You see my daughter (who I've been lovingly calling Nugget) has always had a hard time when it comes to her, ahem, voiding.


After 6 grueling months of breastfeeding (she had a severe case of being tongue-tied, and I had circulatory problems in my breasts) we started her on baby cereal and commercial formula. Now the Nugget loves food, so much so that she would put away 1/2 c of food in one sitting at 7 months if we'd let her. We were so excited that she was finally gaining weight!

But then it happened. We knew that she usually didn't have a BM everyday and might even go a couple of days, but a few months after starting food and formula she was going less and less.

One day, after 12 days with nothing, which the Dr. said was normal, she started to strain really hard. Oh that was the worst sight - it wasn't a cute little push to get things going, no she was in pain and a lot of it. She even was starting to bleed a little.

After a tearful call to her Dr. and a quick appointment she was given both a stool softener and a suppository. A few hours later and with some help from me a large, hard poop came out. I was relieved, but now I was on a mission to fill her with fiber every time I could!

But even with the increased fiber she would still get a bad day when she'd need some more medicine (The Rx for her softener was a GIANT bottle).

One of those bad days happened when we went to visit my mom in GA. My mom had been having some really bad stomach pains and I believe she had some blood tests that confirmed gluten intolerance. So when she heard about Nuggets troubles and that even with fiber she was still constipated, she told me some interesting things about how a lot of babies who start eating wheat get severe constipation.

Well I kinda blew that off at first, because come on its easier to feed a baby ready-to-eat bread and crackers then find the gluten free kind or make them.

Then a few weeks ago Nugget had a REALLY constipated day, almost as bad as the first time. I was so angry at myself, I had been feeding her regular bread and cold cereal even though I really did think my mom had something right about the gluten.

That self-anger spurred me to search for gluten free recipes. I wasn't going to let my laziness or fear hurt my baby!

Then I found the blog written by The Healthy Home Economist. She had a recipe for gluten free pasta substitute using sweet potatoes.
I started to read the site more, watch some of the videos she had done and even went off on an Internet tangent searching the GAPS diet. (I loved this post about why we should be eating grains, prepared traditionally of course, even after the GAPS diet)

So for the past week or so Nugget (and my self) have had slow rise sourdough bread and buttermilk soaked bread in place of regular bread. No crackers or cold cereal. More good fats with our meals. Less formula and more water. (As soon as I can find "real milk" she's getting it!)

And you want to know what happened? Oh this is a great story.

I had to leave for work a few days ago. Hubby was going to watch the Nugget. Two hours into work I get a distress call.

"She has pooed EVERYWHERE! Did you even check her before you left?!?!? (I left the house early, I did check, she was clean)  It's like she pooed 3 TIMES her usual!"

"Just put her in the shower."


"I'll clean it up when I get home, I promise."

"K."   click

One more hour later.

"She pooed AGAIN!"  remember he's not used to changing poopy diapers cause she hardly poos.

"Is it diarrhea?"

"No, but she doesn't usually poo this much!"

"She's ok, I've been feeding her healthier."

"gag sounds"

"I gotta get back to work hun."

"more gag sounds" click

Its been a few days since that out-flow and she has now been having a regular, soft BM every morning. :)

I am now convinced that we need to continue to research a more traditional eating lifestyle if only so my baby can poo happy.

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  1. Way to go Momma! You're doing great. Good to hear about the Nugget!