Friday, June 15, 2012

My Position on Vaccines

First off let me say I do vaccinate my child. I work in public service and often the people around me are sick.
If I ever brought home a disease that could have been prevented and give it to my sweet baby I would be very upset and angry.

That being said I think that vaccines need to be viewed as a tool - and the best analogy that comes to mind is a whip.

Let me explain: You use a whip to get an animal in motion. Vaccines help whip your immune system up and teach your body to produce antibodies.

Now I was reluctant to vaccinate my infant daughter, because vaccines are a "one size" type of thing and the Nugget had a very tiny immune system. (picture a baby animal whipped along with an adult sized whip) :(

But through my research and prayers, I believe that any risk of vaccinating on the prescribed schedule far out weighed the risk of a potentially crippling disease.

If I could have stayed home all the time with my daughter and stayed away from the large groups of people I  was around I think I would have waited and given her body more time. But I the I know the Lord will protect those who do all in their power to do the right.

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